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Consider keeping a list of all cultural holidays to ensure that no meetings or group work sessions are scheduled around those periods. When attempting to develop functioning global teams, firms must first prioritize communication. Teams operating across several time zones cannot comprehend the message through synchronized conversation, facial expressions, or nonverbal indicators.

  • This allows your employees to stay up-to-date with what other people are doing each day.
  • “Tools like Slack, Convo and HipChat make that possible in a way that it never really was a few years ago.”
  • We post thoughts and updates about team projects on Slack, regardless of who’s online.
  • There’s no room to ask clarifying questions and you don’t have the luxury of reading a person’s facial expressions or tone of voice.

With this awesome tool, you can just video-record yourself and your screen and go through presentations, audits, implementations, walk-throughs, or anything you want to share with your team or colleagues. Then, you just need to share a link with them, and they will be able to view the video when and as many times as they want. This is a true gem for digital nomads wanting to be more productive and avoid endless (and sometimes useless) meetings. It is not always possible to organize conference calls at convenient times.

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Remote companies that embrace multiple time zones must rely on asynchronous communication. For background, async communication happens when information is exchanged without the expectation of an immediate response. You can effectively manage projects across time zones by combining synchronous and asynchronous modes of communication depending on the project requirements. Having a consistent framework and transparent communication regarding each member’s time management goes well in ensuring that the projects are well managed across time zones having multiple stakeholders. The clockwise is one of the best tools for managing the calendars and meetings for remote developers in your organization. The clockwise is a smart calendar that helps optimize your workflow to allocate the right resources to the important tasks and projects.

They range in experience from entry-level through senior-level management and have varied educational requirements. Remote working isn’t automatically a freer way to work—it can be just as stressful as any 9-to-5 job. Teach your remote team to be flexible about time, though, and everyone’s lives will be easier. Plus, you’ll be able to hire the best people from anywhere around the globe.

Combining synchronous and asynchronous communication modes

This is proven by the fact that an increasing number of businesses are electing to work remotely, with Blueface research estimating that remote work would rival office labour by 2025. A complete remote organisation cannot rely on many of these shared experiences and physical venues to help create our culture as a totally distributed organisation. It is necessary to create a culture that prioritises your values working remotely in a different time zone and requires every team member to understand and uphold them. A remote team’s culture is conveyed in what you think (your values) and demonstrated in how you behave every day (your actions). Although managing a geographically scattered workforce might be difficult at times, the method has several advantages. This is why we’re witnessing a constant growth in the number of organizations hiring abroad.

Furthermore, some of the best practices for holding productive virtual team meetings include having a shared goal and describing what you expect to accomplish. Meeting planning is made easier with tools like World Time Buddy and Time and Date. Simply enter your team’s current locations, and these calculators will calculate the best times to meet (and even show local holidays being observed).


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